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Founded by three partners from the fields of medicine and biology, TrioScience  is a young biotechnology company with a mission of supplying devices, equipment and essential and consumable products to the research laboratories of our universities and institutes that deal with research and development projects with optimum conditions. Seeing close relationship with clients from the initial planning, design and budget planning of the project until the delivery of its final report essential, we regard solution-based cooperation with the project owners as one of our missions.



Scientific developments have been on the rise today where research and development (RE-DE) projects of the universities possess a crucial role for the new products. Investment to RE-DE projects attracts bigger budgets in recent years in Turkey; this necessitates establishment of effective procedures for material supply, in addition to knowledge and infrastructure. TrioScience provides material support as well as consultancy for Turkish researchers to turn their unique ideas into exclusive RE-DE projects, under the supervision of its biologist co-founders.



Our primary mission is to provide material support as well as consultancy for researchers from the time their projects are approved until when the final report is approved for them. In addition, we aim to provide cooperation throughout the project and try to solve unexpected problems together with the researcher.

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